About Midwest Voices

Sunflowers and windmill

Midwest Voices is the new blog for the Midwest Writing Centers Association.  We will be using this blog in a number of ways–to disseminate information about job openings, professional development opportunities, and other writing-center related information that you think we should know about or that we think you should know about.

Also, over the next few months we will be rolling out a series of regular features on our blog:

  • Tutor Reflections – informal posts written by undergraduate, graduate, and professional tutors about their writing center work
  • A Writing Center You Should Know – a post that features both text and visuals (photos and videos) to introduce you to a writing center in our region
  • Scholarly Conversations – longer and more formal posts that share original research or engage with writing center scholarship

The purpose of these features is to help MWCA members communicate and collaborate with each other so we will be reaching out to you (our membership) to help generate content for this site.  This is a work in progress, so please be patient as we work through the logistics.

For now, if you have an announcement or information that you’d like us to share in a blog post, please send an e-mail to Jenny Staben, Vice Chair, MWCA, at jstaben@clcillinois.edu