Executive Board Duties

Midwest Writing Centers Association
Board Members’ Duties
(Revised to reflect changes made September 2014)

Board members are elected by the general membership for 3-year terms, ideally with one-third of the Board elected annually. Officers are elected by the Board. Terms of office may not be contiguous with terms on the Board. The allocation of Board members’ duties is open to annual negotiation; duties may change at the discretion of the Board.

Chair (Officer of the Board)

  • Schedule meetings, plan agenda, and inform Board members
  • Chair Board and general meetings, providing introductions at MWCA events
  • Coordinate Board members’ work
  • Oversee Board activities and committees
  • Write the “The Chair’s Report” for the MWCA newsletter
  • Write thank-you letters after conference (e.g. host school’s dean, president, department chair, keynote speaker)
  • Collaborate closely with new Chair for a year (including being willing to answer questions, joining conference calls as needed, providing institutional memory, etc.)
  • Perform other duties as necessary

Vice Chair (Officer of the Board)

  • Assist the Chair and perform duties as assigned
  • Take over Chair duties as necessary
  • Serve as the chair of the Application and Membership Committee; duties include:
    • Announcing board member openings and receiving applications
    • Keeping the MWCA database of members updated
    • Coordinating the distribution of travel grant applications, research grant applications, and regional support grant applications for review

Treasurer (Officer of the Board)

  • Monitor MWCA accounts and perform duties as assigned
  • Pay MWCA expenses
  • Receive and deposit  funds of the MWCA
  • Coordinate conference registration
  • Work closely with Conference Committee during pre-registration for conferences
  •  Prepare Treasurer’s Report
  • Maintain finance-related records

Secretary (Officer of the Board)

  • Record board and business minutes of all meetings, including conference calls; distribute minutes to the Board and make corrections as needed
  • Keep a file of all MWCA minutes and other records, including all on-line correspondence during the year by the board
  • Send notice of MWCA meetings to appropriate publications
  • Keep the archive of proceedings copies, old correspondence files, newsletters and the MWCA scrapbook
  • Perform other duties as assigned

IWCA Representative (can be a stand-alone board position, or these duties could be fulfilled by someone serving in another role)

  • Serve as the MWCA Regional Representative for the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA); duties include:
    • Attending, or finding an appropriate substitute to attend, the annual IWCA board meetings at IWCA, NCTE, or CCCC to represent MWCA
    • Serving on IWCA committees, voting on IWCA issues
    • Reporting news of the MWCA to the IWCA (including compiling annual regional reports) and bringing news from the IWCA back to the MWCA; this includes throughout each year, not just after conferences
    • Participating in regular IWCA board meetings (monthly) along with MWCA board meetings (monthly)

Research Coordinator

  • Promote discussions of research methodology, ethics, representation, and publishing for writing center professionals in MWCA
  • Opportunities to promote discussion and mentoring may include and are not limited to:
    • Establishing a research network
    • Facilitating pre-conference workshops
    • Coordinating research retreats
    • Initiating grant opportunities

Conference Liaison

  • Act as intermediary between conference chair and MWCA Chair
  • Chair the Conference Policies and Planning Committee
  • Chair the Bob Marrs Award Committee
  • Prepare and report on conference evaluation forms
  • Coordinate with Conference Policies and Planning Committee to prepare and disseminate publicity regarding conference (MWCA membership, MWCA newsletter, IWCA website, Writing Lab Newsletter, etc.)
  • Work with Treasurer to coordinate registration
  • Record conference details at its conclusion

Newsletter Coordinator

  • Compile information for newsletter
  • Contact travel grant recipients for conference reflections to be included in newsletter
  • Serve as the State Consortia liaison
  • Co-chair the Multimedia Committee
  • Distribute publicity announcements as needed

Web Coordinator

  • Maintain and update the website, including regularly updating publicity/announcements
  • Co-chair the Multimedia Committee
  • Distribute publicity announcements as needed

SIG Coordinator

  • Serve as administrative and communication liaison between the Executive Board and the SIGs.
  • Coach SIGs through status, review, and/or grant application processes.
  • Receive applications and other requests from SIGs.
  • Maintain oversight of all SIGs to ensure they are following MWCA guidelines and bylaws.
  • Receive annual activity and fiscal reports from SIGs.
  • Ensure representation and coordinate SIG activity at MWCA conferences.
  • Serve as the point of contact for the MWCA general membership concerning SIGs and SIG activity.

At-Large Members

  • Attend MWCA board meetings
  • Participate in MWCA discussions of board business
  • Serve on committees as needed
  • Perform other duties as needed

Representation on the Board:

To best serve our constituents, we desire a wide representation on the board. One board member should serve in each of the following positions:

  • Graduate Student Representative
  • K-12 Representative
  • Community College Representative

These representatives may be at-large members or take on an additional board role while acting in the interests and voicing the concerns of their respective constituencies.


Each committee will define its own roles and needs, but the following standing committees will meet regularly to continue work on ongoing projects:

Conference Policies and Planning Committee: helps local conference committee with planning and performing duties as needed

Multimedia Committee: helps maintain and generate content for the website, newsletter, database, and social media efforts for the MWCA; distributes publicity as needed

Applications and Membership Committee: facilitates communication, support, and outreach with MWCA membership; reviews applications for various funding grants

Ad Hoc/As-Needed Committees:

Each committee will define its own roles and needs and will meet as needed.

 Bob Marrs Committee: review applications and select winning nomination for the Bob Marrs Award