Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Along with its other activities, MWCA supports professional and scholarly activity in the form of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs allow for like-minded groups of individuals to raise the profile of seemingly “niche” interests. SIGs also provide a way of generating new topics of inquiry and research and can increase the range of levels of formality and involvement at the conference.

While SIGs can form at any time, MWCA has created a process by which a SIG may apply for permanent status. Benefits of permanent status:

  1. Increased opportunity for long-term discussion and action revolving around a core idea or interest.
  2. Eligibility for funding from MWCA.
  3. Additional support for outreach via the MWCA website.
  4. Guaranteed presence at MWCA conferences.
  5. The ability, if desired, to promote and fund the SIG’s own programs and projects through the collection of member dues.

Information on permanent SIG policies and procedures can be found in the MWCA Bylaws in “Article X – Special Interest Groups.”

Details on how to apply for permanent status and an application form are now available.

Please direct questions to the MWCA SIG Coordinator Josh Worsham.