MWCA Regional Collaboration Support Grants

To support the writing center community at a local level, the MWCA now offers Regional Collaboration Support Grants. These grants are intended to foster communication across institutions through professional and tutor development by helping to fund regional meetings. The proposed regional activity must be held at or hosted by an institutional member of MWCA. We especially welcome applications from historically underserved or underrepresented communities and institutions.

Please note that these funds are not intended to support collaborative and individual research.

Award: The award is up to $500. (MWCA reserves the right to modify this amount.)


Submit a letter of application (up to 500 words), addressed to the MWCA Board, detailing the proposed regional collaboration event: this includes providing a narrative of the event itself (i.e., what will take place during the event), how much planning has been done, an idea of expected attendance, and the institutions involved. The letter must also address how the event promotes regional collaboration and furthers the mission of MWCA.

In addition to the letter, please include a proposed budget that details how much money is needed for your event, as well as any outside funding and in-kind funding you are receiving. Please note that events must have some in-kind funding to be considered.

Evaluation Criteria:

A strong application will demonstrate, through the application letter, the following:

  • proof that the event will be held, as evidenced by a thorough discussion of what the event is and its funding breakdown
  • discussion of how participants would benefit from the event
  • discussion of how the event promotes regional collaboration and furthers the mission of MWCA

A letter that appears not to have been carefully composed is unlikely to win funding.

Preference will be given to applications that have not been awarded a Regional Support Grant in the previous award year.

Application Process:
Grant applications are currently closed. Look for information about future scholarship and travel grants soon.

Please direct questions to MWCA Research Coordinator Heather Carroll at