Robert Marrs Award

The Robert Marrs Award was created by the MWCA to honor a writing center director who, throughout his career, has exemplified tutor-centered leadership both locally, within the writing center he directs, and regionally, within the MWCA. By recognizing his sustained and ongoing contributions to tutor scholarship and leadership, the MWCA seeks to support and encourage other writing center directors in similar endeavors: to cultivate tutor leadership in their home writing centers and institutions; to sponsor ongoing tutor research leading to the continuing development of writing center staff education; and to sustain tutor research leading to publication or public presentation, particularly at MWCA conferences.

Award Criteria:

Recipients of the Robert Marrs Award

  • demonstrate a long-term commitment to ongoing tutor leadership and research
  • teach, encourage, and support tutor leadership in their home writing centers and institutions
  • sponsor tutor research leading to and continuing the development of ongoing staff education programs
  • encourage and support tutor research leading to publication and/or public presentation at writing center conferences, workshops, and symposia, particularly those sponsored by the Midwest Writing Centers Association
  • demonstrate a career-commitment to writing center scholarship and pedagogy and, in particular, to the richness and significance of tutor research to the field of writing center studies

Recipients of the Robert Marrs Award receive a plaque, a lifetime membership to the MWCA, and free MWCA conference registrations.

Nomination and Award Process:

Nominations for the Robert Marrs Award may be submitted by individuals or groups. Tutors may take the lead in nominating directors or nominate in collaboration with other directors or faculty or staff colleagues of the director being nominated. Nominations should include the name, title, and contact information for the nominee, as well as a letter of nomination describing the nominee’s qualifications for the award. Self nominations will not be accepted. Nominations will be reviewed by a three-member committee composed of members of the MWCA Board and voted on by the Board in its entirety. Awards will be given at each MWCA conference as part of the keynote proceedings.

Please direct questions to MWCA Research Coordinator Heather Carroll by email at