How Did You Celebrate International Write-In?

idris-elba-writingAccording to Jill Gladstein from Swarthmore College, ninety-two schools participated in the 2016 International Write-In from November 29 – December 8, 2016.  We know that a number of these schools were in the Midwest, and we’d like to both celebrate that fact as well as inspire other writing centers in our region to consider participating in Spring 2017.

If your school participated in International Write-In (#IntlWriteIn) this fall, please consider sharing the following with me (Jenny Staben):

A few photos

A brief description (1-2 paragraphs) of what you did

I will use these items to create a larger blog post about the different ways we celebrated this event in our region.  Please send your photos/description (and any questions) to me at by Tuesday, December 20, 2016.  Thanks!