MWCA Travel Grant Winners – 2016 IWCA

Congratulations to the two MWCA Travel Grant Winners for IWCA 2016

Jennifer Somie Kang- University of Minnesota

Caitie Leibman – Doane University


If you are attending IWCA in Denver this weekend, please support them by attending their sessions on Sunday, October 16, 2016:

Session L (11:35 am – 12:50 pm)

Developing a Staff Co-Mentoring Program

Julie Sinn, Katie Levin, Kirsten Jamsen, Jennifer Kang, Sarah Selz, University of Minnesota—Twin Cities

In this workshop, a consultant and two administrators from a large university writing center will briefly describe the process by which they developed a co-mentoring program with and for their 50-person staff. Workshop participants will be asked to uncover their own grounding assumptions—about time, money, professional development, and the value of “student-centeredness.” During the last 40 minutes of the session, participants will develop action plans tailored to what a mentoring program could look like in their own institutional contexts, and will have the opportunity to serve as sounding boards for others’ plans-in-process. #IWCA16L6

 Session N (2:25 – 3:40 pm)

Inclusion in the Center: Resisting Social Constructions of Learning Disabilities and Finding “Ways to Move” in a Writing Center Handbook

 Caitie Leibman, Kaleb Arterburn, Doane University

Where does inclusion begin? While our literature has shifted from “treating” students with disabilities to “including” them, it remains relatively silent about centers’ complicity in these students’ socially constructed experiences. This project proposes reflexive rather than reactionary approaches, considering both researchers’ perspectives: one as a director trying to “serve all students,” one as an undergraduate with dyslexia making sense of students’ rights and the perils and promises of disclosure. We suggest more accessible, welcoming centers come not from a greater volume of research on learning disabilities, but from attention to the constructed, negotiated, and changing nature of such identities. #IWCA16N4